Leading Voices on the Natural Gas Energy Mix

“The environmental and economic benefits of natural gas for New Yorkers is obvious—and now we’re facing a potential supply crisis.”
– NY State Senator Kevin Parker


“The mix is changing with this cold weather. Because natural gas prices are rising, coal and oil are reaching in to take its place.”
– Jacob Kilstein, Argus Research


"We have to make sure that residents and businesses have the energy they need right now to live and thrive in New York."
– NY State Senator Thomas O'Mara


“Gas has got to be part of [the] equation. The gas system has gotten extremely reliable.”
– Robert F. Powelson, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission


“A May 2017 study by The Brattle Group reports that specific advantages of natural gas… are fundamental to grid reliability, and will become even more vital as more wind and solar come onto the grid.”
– Jude Clemente, Forbes


“The ISO expects a continued need to rely heavily on oil-fired generators through the end of this cold weather.”
– Marica Blomberg, ISE-NE Spokesperson