A lack of natural gas infrastructure in downstate New York means local businesses and residents can’t connect to clean, affordable energy, causing significant economic loss and increased reliance on dirty oil.

Our elected officials and regulators must approve NESE to protect our environment and economy. NESE means: 

  • Reliability in the face of natural disasters and harsh winters.
  • Affordability to reduce home heating costs - an average winter heating bill can reduce by 40% when using natural gas instead of oil.
  • Clean air for everyone through emission reductions - the denial of NESE will result in 32-37% higher greenhouse gas emissions as New Yorkers are forced to rely on dirty oil.
  • An abundant supply of an American-made energy to help replace the loss of nearly 25% of the downstate region's power supply as a result of Indian Point closing in 2021.
  • Economic development of projects like the Belmont Hub, which is being forced to rely on propane without NESE.

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