New York is facing an

energy crisis, which spells

danger for our environment.

Unless more natural gas supply is made available,

NY will have to increase its reliance on coal and oil.

The Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) project

is the solution. NESE will increase clean natural gas

supply in NY, helping us meet energy demands and

clean energy goals.

Natural Gas – It’s Always On

New York’s clean energy future depends on an energy mix that is clean, affordable, reliable and includes natural gas. 


Here Are the Facts

A Natural Gas Moratorium Means Reliance on Coal and Oil

National Grid and Con Edison have warned of a moratorium on new natural gas hookups in New York City and Long Island if we don't increase natural gas supply soon. A moratorium is harmful for our environment, because New York would have to rely on coal and oil when energy demand spikes. NESE ensures enough clean natural gas supply to meet those demands and prevent a moratorium.

NESE Provides A Clean Energy Alternative

NESE will provide Long Island and New York City with enough natural gas to displace 900,000 barrels of oil per year.

NESE Means Lower Carbon Emissions

NESE will advance New York almost 10% toward meeting statewide carbon emissions goals. The project will also reduce CO2 emissions by 200,000 tons in its first year, which is equivalent to taking 500,000 cars off the road.

NESE Means Cleaner Air for New York

In addition to less CO2, NESE will result in 300 tons of initial annual reduction in local emissions such as smog, acid rain and particulates.

Support NESE - Support Affordable, Clean Energy!

We need affordable and clean energy and heating sources that are always on.

Tell your elected officials that you support natural gas and don't want a moratorium to go into effect!